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How to Apply?

The application process is online only! Applications via mail or Email will not be considered.
Please notice that the online application is a two-step process. In the first step, you provide personal information
and information about your education and scientific experience. In the second step, you provide your
documents as PDF files and a letter of interest as text typed in an active window. Please prepare the documents/information listed below before starting the online application process.

When submitting your application, you need to include the following documents as
Portable Document Format (PDF*) files:

  1. Bachelor of Science degree certificate. If the certificate is scheduled to be obtained after the application
    deadline, include a recent study transcript and indicate the date of expected graduation in the comments
    section. If your degree certificate does not contain a grade you must provide your most recent transcript or mark sheet. Certificates not written in English or German need to be translated.
  2. Upper secondary school certificate – such as Abitur, High School, Baccalauréat and GCE-O/A levels or
    Certificates not written in English or German need to be translated.
  3. TOEFL or IELTS certificate if not exempt from English proficiency test (see above).
  4. Curriculum vitae.
  5. Photograph

*Cumulative file size of all documents must be below 5 MB.

When submitting your application you must also include:

6. Names and contact details of two potential referees. They do not need to provide a recommendation letter at the time, however they may get contacted by us later.

7. A short letter of interest (less than 300 words) describing your motivation to participate in the M.Sc.
Plant Sciences program at Bonn University. Unlike the documents listed above, this statement must not
be provided as PDF file but has to be typed in an active window of the online application portal (or copy-pasted from a text editor). The text should be in English with no use of special characters.

Please have everything ready before registering. The registration procedure will fail if you stop in the middle of the process and you will need a new e-mail address to do it again.

All applications are reviewed and evaluated by the search committee.

Decisions will be made beginning of July.

Start of the lecture time for the first semester is early October.

You may apply for the M.Sc. Plant Sciences program at Bonn University during the application period in March and April here.

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