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After Acceptance

1. When do we receive the admission letters (Zulassungsbescheide)?

Generally you should receive the printed admission letter three to five weeks after you have received the acceptance e-mail. However, the exact arrival date depends on the local mail carrier and the correctness of your mail address provided in the application. We cannot change the address in the database. We cannot use any express carriers or certified mail services to speed up the process.


2. What are the next steps after obtaining the acceptance letter?

Please make sure that your e-mail provided during the application is correct and check your e-mail account for new messages at least every week. You can already prepare for: financial issues for Bonn, visa application, accommodation in Bonn, traveling to Bonn, etc.


3. How do I get my visa?

This is part of your own responsibilities. We can not provide information on the different visa requirements in the various countries.


4. When do I have to select my courses?

As stated above, you will be contacted by us and requested to select modules. This will typically happen in late August.


5. Where and when should I show my original documents? Should I mail them after I received my admission letter?

NO. You do not need to send any documents until requested. You only need to show the original documents after arrival at University of Bonn. However, please be aware that if the final Bachelor degree certificate has not yet been issued, the admission and the enrolment in the M.Sc. Plant Sciences program is provided only provisionally, as long as the presentation of the final certificate is pending. The Bachelor degree certificate and proof of English proficiency must be presented to the coordination office before the end of the first semester. If prove for language skills or the Bachelor degree cannot be provided by 31. March of the 1st semester, the enrolment will be officially cancelled without further notice.


6. I would like to know that if there is any vacant spots available as a teaching/laboratory assistant?

In the Plant Sciences Master Program we do not have a central data base for job opportunities. Placement service is also not part of the program coordination. However, you may check individual research groups for employment possibilities yourself. 

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