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Before Admission

1. Besides applying online, do I need to send the printed application along with the documents through surface mail or courier? Or is the online application sufficient?

The application is online only. Unless specifically requested, do NOT send any documents via air mail or email. For computer security reasons, email attachments that have not been requested will be deleted without further information.


2. I tried to apply but encountered difficulties when I uploaded my file. I is it possible to submit all documents via air mail?

NO. See above.


3. I have completed the first part of the online application. Now, I need to get to the second part done and then upload my documents of the second part and submit the entire application. When trying to do so, I encountered an error when I was filling the application form. The error message says that my email address is already in your database. Please can you kindly correct the error for me so that I can complete the application form?

Unfortunately we cannot change or edit your application in the database. We can only delete the complete application to allow you to reapply again.

The most frequent causes for incomplete applications are:

- You did not read the instructions and did not prepared the requested documents in advance.

- You ignored the second page of the on-line application portal.

- You did not upload the PDF files with the extension ".pdf" (doc, docx, JPEG, tiff,... is not acceptable).

- Your PDF files have a total size of more than 5 MB (all files together).

- You did not type in or copy/paste the statement of interest (statement of interest is typed text, not a file).

- There is a problem with the word count of your statement of interest. Please type a statement of interest with less than 300 words.


4. I tried to apply yesterday but discovered that my scanner was not working properly so I closed the application form. However, when I try to apply today, I cannot get past the first page. I obtain the notification that the e-mail address which I provided is already in your database. Does that mean I cannot apply anymore or can anything be done to allow me to fill out the application form?

See above.


5. I applied with my e-Mail account before, but there was some error on my internet, so it ended incomplete. Today I applied once again, but there are already my data in the data base.

See above.


6. In order to apply and submit documents online, can we just scan all the certificates and then convert into PDF format?

Yes. However, be aware of the file size restriction. You should also be aware that you need to show the original documents after acceptance and arrival at University of Bonn.


7. I am very motivated to study M.Sc. Plant Sciences at University of Bonn. So, please would you help me how I will get the study advisor and how I will apply for the scholarship.

The program does not include a personnel study advisor. However, the experienced and new incoming students will meet frequently to allow exchange of experience. The M.Sc. Plant Sciences program cannot provide any scholarships. You might also want to look for funding possibilities at the website.


8. I have received a bachelor degree of Agriculture. My major is horticulture but I do not know whether my major is related to this Master program.

Yes it is. We take application from programs with a Bachelor of Science degree in life sciences including Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Agricultural Biology, Biotechnology, Forestry, etc.


9. My GPA is 2.65/4 and it is equal to 76/100 according to my college scale. Bonn asks for 70% of maximal score. Thus, is my GPA sufficient for application?

Yes. Your grade point average should be around 70% of the maximal/best score or higher.


10. Is it possible to apply “on line” without having passed the English certificate test yet and if so, when do I need to present the English test results?

No. You should complete the English proficiency requirements before applying for the M.Sc. Plant Sciences program. The application period is open for two months. This should be sufficient time to complete the required tests.


11. I am preparing to translate the certificates with my grades. Could this translation be done by the Language department of my University, or do I need to obtain the translation from a certificated translator?

Acceptable languages for certificates are English and German. If the certificates are not in English or German, they need to be translated into either of these two languages by a certificated translator.


12. Is a three years bachelor program sufficient as a prerequisite for the application?

Yes, this is sufficient and equivalent to most German Bachelors programs which usually take three years.


13. When do I learn about the decision on the application?

In general it takes about 4-6 weeks for screening the application documents and for the evaluation by the M.Sc. Plant Sciences program selection committee.


14. My referees have not received a request for a reference letter.

We will not ask every referee to provide a letter. We will only contact referees in case of uncertanties.


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