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In the Program

1. Which courses/modules should I choose?

It is mostly up to you. Except for the obligatory theoretical modules and one obligatory choice module in elective compulsory category D,E and F, there is no requirement with regard to the modules to choose.


2. I have a poor grade in one module. Can I replace that module by a module with a better grade?

NO! The M.Sc. Plant Sciences program does not have such a “free shot rule”. All grades completed will account for your final grade in the Master certificate.


3. The module table shows modules in the Agricultural Faculty. How can I register for those modules?

The course coordinator cannot assign these modules. They need to be arranged with the person responsible for this module. Afterwards the M.Sc. Plant Sciences coordinator should be informed. Unfortunately, the Agricultural Faculty is only in part modularized and course schedules are oftentimes communicated on short notice. Thus modules in the Agricultural Faculty need to be arranged by your own and should not interfere with your personnel schedule in the M.Sc. Plant Sciences program.


4. How do I get my grades?

The grades will be entered by the PI responsible for your module into the University of Bonn online grading database ("basis", which is confidential and where you can obtain your personalized transcript of record. Please do not approach the M.Sc. Plant Sciences coordinator for questions regarding your grades, except those in his own modules or Free Coice Modules, modules done outside of University of Bonn.


5. I do not know my grade yet! Are they transferred to my transcript automatically?

Not necessarily. Teachers/tutors are not machines, they might need to be reminded.


6. I have accumulated more than 120 credit points. Can I delete/exempt a module from my master’s final evaluation?

NO. All accumulated grades will account for your master’s certificate.


7. I have started a lab module but quickly realized that – for whatever reason - I am not able/interested in finishing it. Can I quit this course without being graded?

No. You can only withdraw from a module within the demission period before the examination/module start. Once you started a lab module you can only pass or fail. If you fail you need to repeat it. Only if you fail completely (e.g. twice failed in the examination) you can replace the module by a comparable module. Lab module spaces are limited and should not be “wasted”.

Obligatory theoretical modules cannot be replaced!


8. Do I have to defend my Master Thesis?

No. The Examination Regulations (Prüfungsordnung) does not ask for an oral thesis presentation (e.g. thesis defense) and thus no thesis committee is established. However, your thesis needs to be evaluated and graded by two reviewers – one of which is the thesis supervisor. Therefore, it might make sense to present your thesis in the frame of a lab seminar.


9. What are the Master Thesis regulations?

The rules for practical work for the Master Thesis, duration and evaluation are detailed in the Examination Regulations (Prüfungsordnung). Some of them are extracted here: The thesis must be registered before the thesis start. The time allocated for thesis work is 6 months including writing. You need two reviewers, one of whom is the thesis supervisor. Both reviewers grade the thesis. You are allowed to read the thesis evaluation of the two reviewers.


10. If I have not accumulated 90 CP yet, can I start my master thesis work?

Only in an exceptional case. For example, if required (e.g. depending on plant growth periods), the thesis work can be started after accumulation of only 60 CP. Please ask the program coordinator.


11. I started my thesis on 1st April. Is my deadline for submission then 1st October?

NO. This would be six month and one day. The deadline for submission in this case is 30th September. Accordingly if you would start the thesis work 4th April, the submission deadline is 3rd October.


12. My thesis submission deadline is a holyday/Sunday. Can I submit the thesis on the next working day?

NO. This would be after the deadline. You should consider to submit by mail (date stamped by mail office within the deadline), submit earlier or deliver it in person to the department mail box.





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