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Studying abroad

The M.Sc. program offers the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at another EU University. If you consider to spend a semester in another country please keep in mind:

The third semester of the M.Sc. Plant Sciences program is the most appropriate time to study abroad.

Make sure that you join an accredited M.Sc. program in biology/plant sciences that is in accordance with the ECTS credit point system.

The Bonn M.Sc. Plant Sciences program cannot provide any financial help to study abroad. Please evaluate funding opportunities through the DAAD , the European Erasmus program  or other programs. Because of the long application times, you should start to evaluate funding possibilities one year before beginning your foreign study program, i.e. already early in your first semester of your M.Sc. Plant Sciences program.

You can select any European University for a foreign study semester. The M.Sc. Plant Sciences program has established contacts with the M.Sc. Plant Sciences program at University of Lille in northern France. We can help you to get in touch with the program coordinator in Lille for a possible study semester.

Please contact the M.Sc. program coordinator for further questions.

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