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Time Table

Time Table of the Program M. Sc. Plant Sciences

One year of study (2 semesters) is divided into 8 time frames (TF) beginning with the start of the winter semester in October.

Time frames TF1, TF2 and TF3 each are maximal 5 weeks long and fall into the lecture time of the winter semester, with TF1 and TF2 before Christmas, and TF3 after Christmas holidays. The time frames TF5, TF6 and TF7 (each 5 weeks) fall into the lecture time of the summer semester. The longer time frames TF4 (8 weeks) and TF8 (10 weeks) are placed into the lecture -free time between the winter and summer semesters.

Theory (lecture and seminar) modules are placed into the time frames TF1, TF2,TF3 in winter semester or TF5, TF6, TF7 in the summer semester.

Lab course modules can be accomplished within one time frame in TF1, TF2, TF3, TF5, TF6 or TF7.

This leaves ample time for planning individual (external) practical courses and internships during TF4 and TF8.

In the following time tables, courses of obligatory choice categories are color coded according to:

Plant Biochemistry, Physiology and Molecular Biology: Red

Plant Cell Biology and Development: Blue/Purple

Plant Biodiversity, Evolution and Systematics: Green.


*Early October: Potentially INTRODUCTORY EVENTS organized by third parties (e.g. International Office, Student Council, etc.).

Time Table 1 (winter)_202021.png 

Further courses might be selected depending on your personal time schedule.



Time Table 2 (Summer)_2021up.png 

Further courses might be selected depending on your personal time schedule.

For details on the lectures and modules in the current winter and summer semester, please visit the electronic university calendar

Module descriptions can also be found here, the new module catalog (for 2020 students) can be downloaded here.

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