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Internal Reviewers

The following PIs of University of Bonn are "Internal Reviewers" of the M.Sc. Plant Science program. This can include professors as well as lecturers holding the degree of habilitation. They can serve as internal examiners of external Free Choice Modules/Internships (FREE2) or of an external Master thesis. Please note that all other PIs of University of Bonn and of external institutions (University of Cologne, Max Planck Institute of Cologne, etc.) are by definition external reviewers.


Internal Reviewers of M.Sc. Plant Sciences

Ute Vothknecht
Lukas Schreiber
Volker Knoop
Rochus Benni Franke
Frantisek Baluska


Dorothea Bartels
Peter Dörmann
Veronica Maurino

Hans-Hubert Kirch
Margot Schulz


Andreas Meyer
Jens Leon

Ali Naz


Christiane Dahl


Dietmar Quandt
Maximilian Weigend
Jens Mutke


Steinmann Institute
Thomas Litt

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