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Master Thesis

As indicated in the Module Table, the Master Thesis will be credited with 30 credit points and should be completed in a time equivalent to ONE SEMESTER (six months). The thesis work can start any time after you have accumulated more than 60 credit points. Within the six month all Master Thesis work must be completed including experiments, data analysis and writing. Thus, in order to complete this work in time, your supervisor has to provide you with a project that is doable in the given time frame.

We have the possibility that the work for the Master Thesis can also be completed in an external research institution. However, the external Master Thesis will not be organized by the program coordinator but by the student. Before starting an external thesis, you must contact the head of the examination committee or the program coordinator for preliminary approval. Also, you will need a co-reviewer within the University of Bonn M.Sc. Plant Sciences program (besides the external supervisor) who has experience in the field of your thesis.

The reviewer(s) should complete the evaluation of the Master Thesis with 8 weeks.

The registration form for the Master Thesis can be found here: Registration-Masterthesis-Work-Plant-Sciences

There you will find all the instructions how to write your thesis.


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